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Quick Revolution or Perseverance? By Sam Dele-Ogunti

So inquisitive!

Paying particular attention to the present day Nigeria, and considering the radical pertinacious nature of Nigerians who will always want to give logical and rational appraisal to subjects of moral conflicts as this, with all sense of sanguinity, I believe this question has got the summation of the communal Nigerian individuals thinking(of which I am a victim).

My idiosyncrasy determines my submission, and my submission adjudges which side I take, and this is my recommendation.

The mere absence of the major elements of reinforcement which were meant to be corollaries of our independence, with the citizens being recipients to, is tangible enough to give up on our long sufferings and advocate the course of a "quick revolution".

It only takes a day old baby to persevere in this dishevelment and mess we have found ourselves, because even a three-year old toddler would give a circuitous explanation of the hardship which an average Nigerian encounters as a result of the systematic failure of our past and present day governments.

I call this "rape on the declaration of true independence".

I hope you know our independence is very much identical to a license, which makes us mere grantees, and gives the grantor the effrontery to tamper with our sovereignty. The citizens caterwaul when their stewardship to the country is nothing to write home about. The ancient  philosopher, Plato once said "The city is what it is because our citizens are what they are". Again "most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility"; those were the words of Sigmund Fred. At this juncture, I conclude that the government and the governed are the cause of the crises which continually handicap our nation building.

In 1776, Washington needing to regain the momentum, planned a last-ditch offensive. The victory restored Washington’s flagging reputation and gave the independence movement a much-needed shot in the arm. In his excellent books on the campaigns of 1776, David McCullough do not credit Washington’s success to brilliance or skill, but to his tenacity.

I call this "genuine revolution" Again and again, in letters to Congress and to
his officers, and in his general orders, Washington had called for perseverance. "Perseverance and spirit,” for “patience and
perseverance,” for “unremitting courage and
perseverance.” … Without Washington’s
leadership and unrelenting perseverance, the
revolution almost certainly would have failed.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines "perseverance" as the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult. The OED defines "perseverance" as constant persistence in a course of action or purpose, especially in the face of difficulty or obstacles. I have found solace in the latter definition and against all odds, I repose and entrust our genuine independence in perseverance, we just have to take a radical departure from its conventional meaning and cleave to its liberal depiction, which means perpetual persistence in course of an action in times like this, this is the most primary thing, very rudimentary to our nation building, revolution and war should be secondary. Our characters and commitment in time past describe nothing but an act of "indifference" guided in the guise of perseverance.

Finally, "The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict", this is what the profile of Ola Gamaliel,esq. preaches on Instagram. I believe in this too. 


Deputy Senate President,
Faculty of law,
University of Lagos.

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