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The   Bridge   aims   to   address   the   shortcoming   of   workforce   incompetence,   unethical   leadership   and  bulging   unemployment   rate   by   training   Nigerian   youth   to   be   intrapreneurs   and   entrepreneurs.   Using  our   growing   platform,   we   embed   our   program   alongside   the   existing   university   system   to   create  catalystic   change.

  We   teach   our   fellows   new   learning   methodologies   so   they   are   empowered   to  drive   their   own   destiny   and   change   their   story   despite   sub-‐optimal   systems.      We   open   their   minds   to  global   opportunities,   expose   them   to   new   networks   of   game   changers   and   give   them   the   tool   to  make  independent  decisions.    

The   Bridge   seeks   to   groom,   empower   and   inspire   young   adults   to   strive   for   excellence   and   achieve  self-‐actualisation.   The   program   is   positioned   to   help   participants   attain   global-‐level   professional  competencies,   become   contenders   for   impactful   career   opportunities   and   leadership   roles   and  become   entrepreneurs   that   create   job   in   their   communities.  

We   will   transform   our   fellows   into  young   leaders   who   will   ensure   the   socio,   cultural,   economic   and   political   landscape   they   inhabit   is  positively   affected   and   ultimately   altered   permanently   by   their   presence   and   decisions.   We   will  equip   and   create   opportunities   for   these   young   leaders   to   identify   and   maximize   their   full   potential  as  catalysts  for  change  and  growth.    

Our   Program   Model  Summary     

The   Bridge   intends   to   capture   the   attention   of   these   potential   young   changer-‐makers   early   to  positively   influence   their   misconceptions   of   career   paths,   to   foster   their   creativity   and   to   provide  them   with   a   broad   experience   required   for   real-‐world   career   success   and   professional   excellence.  Hence,  our  target  audience  are  recent  secondary  school  graduates,  1st  or  2nd  year  university  students.  

 Applications   are   currently   open   for   our   Annual   4-‐week   camp     For   the   first   two   weeks   of   the   camp,   participants   will   be   placed   in   a   rigorous   learning   environment  where   they   will   engage   with   experts   and   practice   new   concepts.  

They   will   focus   on   learning   new  skill-‐sets   using   solution-‐based   model.   They   will   be   introduced   to   critical   thinking   methodology   and  be   required   to   apply   this   knowledge   to   solve   different   case   studies   and   real   life   problem.  They   will  be  allowed   to   test   their   assumptions   and   concepts,   provided   hands-‐on   entrepreneurship   training,   learn  to   develop   their   own   ideas   and   express   their   opinions   on   issues.  

They   will   do   all   of   this   while  collaborating   with   other   participants   and   working   one-‐on-‐one   with   mentors   and   successful  professionals  and  entrepreneurs.    In   the   third   week,   participants   will   be   asked   to   pick   a   social   impact   project,   to   work   on   and   provide  solutions   or   initiate   a   social   change   to   a   social   problem   identified   in   the   community.   Preferably,  these   projects   will   be   in   the   inner   cities   or   rural   areas   of   Lagos   state.

  This   exercise   tests   the   concepts  and  learnings  from  the  first  2  weeks.    Finally   in   the   fourth   week,   participants   will   be   required   to   write   a   reflection   report   on   their   personal  experience   in   the   first   3   weeks   –   how   they   have   evolved   from   the   time   they   applied   to   TBP   and   also  a   solution   report,   business   plan   or   create   business   campaigns   for   their   social   impact   projects   as   a  team.  

These   projects   will   be   pitched   to   a   panel   for   feedback   and   implementation   on   the   last   day   of  camp.   Depending   on   the   viability   of   the   project,   fellows   may   continue   to   work   on   project(s)   in   the  months   that   follow.

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