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#VIEWS Check Out The Review Of The VIEWS By Drake

So One of the ExclusiveRawNaija Kids Jumped on the Review Of Drake’s VIEWS album and its pretty a Dope one too. This was compiled by Damilola Koya.

1. Keep The Family Close
Produced by Maneesh Badiye.

" All of my "let's just be friends" are friends I don't have anymore
How do you not check on me when things go wrong
Guess I should've tried to keep my family closer
Much closer"

Written by Drake and Maneesh Badiye, this 5 minute track details a broken relationship between Drake and someone close. Drake talks about how how friendships have failed to stand the test of time and how he should have tried to keep the family closer. Maybe referring to his now estranged relationship with Nicki Minaj? Who knows.

2. 9 Produced by 40, Boi-1da, and Brian Alexander Morgan

"Momma hit my phone and said rap's no good
Better than 'em telling me the check's no good
Now they wanna act like I do no good
Funny cause I really did more than I should"

As any would expect, being that the album title is Views From The 6, the track '9' talks about Drake and his city. It talks about what he could do for the 6. He also raps about how he'd be true to the rap game and the 6.

3. U With Me?  Produced by 40 and Kanye West

" What type of games are bein' played?
How's it goin' down?
If it's on 'til we gone then I gots to know now
Is you wit' me or what?"

This 40 and Kanye West-produced jam explains a situation where there's been history between both Drake and the person in question. The track tries to establish what is what,and what is not. The ever present question "U With Me?"  asks if after reality has set in, understanding has been accomplished.

4. Feel No Ways
Produced by Jordan Ullman of 'Majid Jordan'

"Feel a way, feel a way, young nigga feel a way
I've stopped listening to things you say
Feel a way, feel a way, young nigga feel a way
I've stopped listening to things you say
Cause you don't mean em anyway"

Produced by Jordan Ullman (also signed on to OvO), 'Feel No Ways' is a track that explains to an ex after a breakup that while they're making things hard and being vile about how things turned out,he feels no way. He states " I've stopped listening to things you say
Cause you don't mean em anyway" .

5. Hype
Produced by Boi1da, Nineteen85 and Beat Bully

" Look what I've done in my life
I had to count it and count it again
To make sure the money was right
They love to talk
Me, I'm just done in the hype
Me, I'm just done in the hype"

what more can be said? Just as the word connotes.. HYPE!.

6. Weston Road Flows
Produced by 40

"Weston Road Flows, I did this shit for my nigga Renny
Back when we couldn't buy pizza cause we were down to pennies
Feel like we go back a century runnin' the store for centuries
Then bring it back to your brother man we had to respect it"

Weston Road Flows is a track reminiscent of the past and how it's led up to the present. it's got a "story so far" feel to it, and is also self proclamatory.

7. Redemption Produced by 40

" I know you're seein' someone that loves you
And I don't want you to see no one else
I don't want you here with someone else
I don't wanna do this with no one else "

Just like the song title, this 40-produced track is a sort of apology seeking redemption from a past flame that's been wronged.

8. With You ( feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
Produced by  Murda Beatz

" I need you around, I need you, oh
It's about us right now, girl, where you going?
It's about us right now, girl, where you going?
I'm with you "

this song features the 'Recognize' crooner PARTYNEXTDOOR (also signed on to OvO Sound) singing the first verse and hook. Drake goes on to complete the song, a song about needing.

9.  Faithful ( feat. Pimp C and dvsn)
Produced by  40, Boi-1da and Nineteen85

" Get all your affairs in order
I won't have affairs, I'm yours, girl
Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful "

This is just a track about being faithful. No two timing. Just being real and true.

10. Still Here
Produced by 40 and Daxz

" Me and all my niggas doin' well, doin' well dog
You not from the city, I could tell, I could tell dog
Did it, did it, did it by myself, by myself dog
Blew up and I'm in the city still, I'm still here dog "
I'm still here dog!!!

11. Controlla
Produced by Boi-1da, Supa Dups & Allen Ritter.

" I think I'd lie for you
I think I'd die for you
Jodeci "Cry For You"
Do things when you want me to
Like controlla, controlla "

Arguably one of the best tracks on the 'VIEWS' album, Controlla speaks about him being what his woman wants. Being I'm control. and what's more, it features vocals from Beenie Man!.

12. One Dance (feat. Wizkid and Kyla)
Produced by Nineteen85, 40 and Wizkid

"That's why I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me"

This track!! Featuring Nigerian Musician Ayo 'Wizkid' Balogun and songstress Kyla Smith, One Dance is a dancehall track that asks for just one thing — One Dance.

13. Grammys (Feat. Future)
Produced by 40, Southside, Cardo & Young Exclusive

"They gon' think I won a Grammy
They gon' think I won a Grammy
Swervin' out the Panoramic
I'm hangin' out, they can't stand me"

Ever since their collaboration on "Where Ya At" Drake and Future have enjoyed a great working relationship. 'Grammys' is just one of the products of such a relationship. The track connotes prowess. But then again, don't all of Drake's songs do?

14. Child's Play Produced by 40

"Girl that's just some child's play
Bounce that shit like, woah, woah, woah
Woah, woah, heard all of the stories about you I already know
I already know and I like it "

Another stand out track on the album, Child's Play talks about his relationship with a woman who's acting up. He explains what's gone on between them, and how she's where she is because of him.

15. Pop Style
Produced by Sevn Thomas & Frank Dukes

"Dropped outta school now we dumb rich (dumb rich)
This sound like some forty-three-oh-one shit (one shit)
All my niggas wanna do is pop style (pop style)
Turn my birthday into a lifestyle (lifestyle)"

Another chest beating ,trumpet blowing track about his success and where he has gone so far.

16.  Too Good (feat. Rihanna)
Produced by Nineteen85

"I'm too good to you
I'm way too good to you
You take my love for granted
I just don't understand it"

Admittedly, if the album had gone on wothiyt a feature with Rihanna, eye brows would have been raised. A follow up from Rihanna's work on her 'Anti' album, Too Good talks about a sort of one sided relationship, and how one partner is TOO GOOD for the other.

17. Summers Over Interlude
Produced by Maneesh Badiye

"Oh, baby, yeah
Days in the sun
And nights in the rain
Summer is over, simple and plain"

Featuring vocals from a sultry female voice, this interlude speaks about an ended summer, taking away with it all it's fun.

18. Fire And Desire
Produced by 40

"I dedicate, I dedicate
I give you my all
I give you my voice
This song's for you"

talks about Fire And Desire .

19.  Views Produced by Maneesh Badiye

"Yeah, you feel the pressure, man, I know the pressure
And my wifey is a spice like I'm David Beckham
A lot of pent up aggression coming out of my section
OVO on me while y'all niggas was playing dress-up"

Views is a look-at-where-i-was look-at-where-i-am-now track.

20. Hotline Bling ( Bonus)
Produced by Nineteen85 and Frank Dukes

"You used to call me on my cell phone
Late night when you need my love
Call me on my cell phone
Late night when you need my love"

Everybody knows this song!!! Released in July , 2015 , Hotline bling was added to the VIEWS tracklist as a bonus track. It talks about a former interest that's changed from what she used to be.

That’s all we Got for you on Drake’s VIEWS album, if you haven't heard go cop the tracks. You can also drop Your Comments on the song you think is Best.

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