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Anger trails Melaye’s threat to impregnate Oluremi Tinubu.

Melaye allegedly threatened to beat and impregnate Oluremi Tinubu.

The backlash on Melaye is sequel to fallout of a rowdy session in the Senate on Tuesday July 12, where Melaye reportedly urged lawmakers to pass articles of impeachment against President Muhammadu Buhari for his alleged disrespect for the National Assembly.

The media reports stated that the senator from Kogi state and other pro-Saraki Senators who met behind closed doors were incensed by the proposed trial of the leadership of the Senate for forgery.

Melaye was alleged to have called on the Senators in attendance to fight the presidency to a standstill.

But when Senator Remi Tinubu (APC) called on Senators to close ranks and seek reconciliation amongst its members, Melaye reportedly flew into rage, calling her names.

 "I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen."" the senator was quoted as threatening.

However, Senators in her support intervened to save her from the rampaging Melaye.

Since the news about Melayes's rampage broke, the senator come under attack from a section of Nigerians who say he is not fit to be a senator.

Others have called for him to be shown the exit door from the National assembly.

See some comments on the issue below:

Christian Chibundu: "Dino is the worst Senator in Nigeria, his type should be thrown out of the senate without fail, all his contributions in the floor of the house had always been personal, is he a law maker or law breaker?"

Samuel Odoba Ademu: "The issue of impeachment is like a typhoid malaria induced dream, you can quote me anywhere on that. Most of the senators are used to corruption, hence they will always go against Dr Buhari but we are ready to occupy the NASS if need be. The unrepentant Dino Melaye will soon meet his Waterloo since Goat 🐐 has decided to enter the market of lions (Jagaban)."

Michael Abur: "The Senators should prepare for war ahead. If care is not taken there will be nothing like Senate again."

Ngozy Abara: "Deno is a complete mad man, if I were him I will learn from ex-gov. Of akwa ibom and keep my mouth shot cos if you make too much noise apc will give you,your life history."

Atondo Victor: "Senate alone can't impeach president. U need 75% of the upper and lower chamber to come together to do that, by now am sure u're convinced that its not possible."

Gbengene Chelsea Baba-blue: "Dino really doesn't know who JAGABAN is.. Anyways he knows hw he secretly comes to bourdilon road in d midnight sha… He is jst A SNAKE IN D EAGLE SHADOW, I ONLY PITY MUMU SARAKI."

Bishop Steve Akanimo:" These guys are just shameless to say the least…..Nigeria should abolish this house of commotion and fraud called Senate for crying out loud. This what you get when you gather criminals in one house without a defined job function but you keep pumping in cash to them inform of allowances #heightofirresponsibility#."
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