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CHURCH TITLES –What Does It Really Mean?

I have seen people get angry because they were not accorded the necessary respect especially when addressed in the church setting without the proper accolade and title. Atimes, I wonder why people bother so much about a trivial thing like that? But is it really trivial or am I just looking at it in a myopic manner? Well, personally a title cannot lead you anywhere, not even beyond the walls of your church doors, but of course that is in my opinion. I feel though, everyone should be able to call on another simply by saying bro T or sis L but in today's world, it's never enough. I usually hear people correcting others for lack of proper greeting with their title of course. I could make a genuine mistake by calling you a brother especially if I do not have an idea whether you are a pastor, apostle, evangelist etc but that does not constitute a lack of respect.

The title you are given should never determine how you behave towards others or make you seem more spiritually inclined than others. If you are addressed by your title, appreciate it and if you are not, do not take offence because it does not add to your bank account neither does it reduce the balance. I know it makes some people feel good about themselves but it should not make you disrespect others or insult them if they fail to address you as such.

So the next time you feel the need to shout on someone, or roll your eyes at them for not putting your title before your name, please think on these things:

What does this title represent?

What will this title fetch me?

Where will this title take me?

How does this title affect my overall life?
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