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The Waking Pain.

Do you derive any kind of satisfaction or eagerness when you wake up in the morning knowing you are going to work / going to start something you enjoy? Or do you wake up with aches wishing the work day is over as soon as it starts? Why do we stay living a miserable life, unfulfilled and unhappy even with what the world terms a good life, a good job?  Should we- pretend-to –be- successful because after all, everyone thinks we are doing great?

With people like me, in their 20s or 30s, I have found something mostly common with those who raised us. Yes, our number one role models; our parents. Most of our parents have stayed at a company for a life time, whether they were self-satisfied or not wasn't something that came to them. Okay, maybe some of them found self-satisfaction or found a way. For them though, they were making a sacrifice, they wanted to pay our school fees, feed us and make sure we have all our needs and some of our wants. Many of our parents have done a great job sacrificing their own needs for ours. They say they want us to get to those places they couldn't. They made a choice to be safe.  Safety was a steady secure job that brought home enough, and maybe some change for the family. So maybe it was better at that time to be safe.

The product of that generation is us- Generation Y. We are wired so differently. Most of us want to be adventurous, we want to see the world, and we want to challenge ourselves and surprise ourselves. We want more!  Some of us will, and unfortunately, some of us won't. Maybe this is only common with the group of people I am surrounded by. But this is what I find; this is what I have observed.

Some people will say we are so selfish, maybe they are right. But our parents say they want us to get to places they couldn't. So, shouldn't we be doing something different from them? How safe is too safe?

So after university, a Generation Y'er might get a "good" job with good income but still feel like the shittiest person on planet earth because of that same job. Why? Because there might be something draining; not exciting; not challenging enough; or not intriguing enough about it. So why is it that sometimes, we stick to the pain we get every weekday?

Sometimes, I think it is fear, fear of the unknown or what is out there. Sometimes, I think it is because we want to be sacrificial like those who raised us. We want to have a stable income, and support our families to our very best. BUT who says we cannot do that and be happy?

We see some of our mates make that bold decision to leave whatever it is that is holding them back and we commend them for  going for what they actually love, would love, or at least for giving themselves a chance to find out. So why do we keep convincing ourselves that there is nothing we can do about the situation?

In this journey of adult-ing, it becomes more obvious to me that we need to be more responsible to yourselves and our mental health. We can pray for the strength and right attitude to deal with a situation we cannot change; however, sometimes, God puts all the signs on the table but we still settle.

Proverbs 10:22 says that "The blessing of the Lord maketh rich & adds no sorrow to it". To me, this means that the blessing of the Lord comes with the o so peace of mind. No one is guaranteeing that it will be smooth or easy but deep down in your heart you will know your choice is right. You are at peace with your decision and you don't mind pushing.

If laziness is the problem and how you cannot work for anyone especially if you may have no tangible skill or experience, then this post is not directed to you.

In everything though, wisdom is key, you cannot just "up & go" with no reasonable plan. I also believe in asking God for directions so that we do things at the right time and head the right path.

Also, we need a support system and because on the outside, it looks like we are doing so well, it could be hard to find it. You may try to seek advice from your parents but all you might get is backlash or hear that you are not grateful. You might even hear that you need to focus on other things. In all honesty, it can be very hard for people to understand your situation or that you feel like you are in this hole.

What do you do? You can look for a support system outside of your family, at least in that area of your life. Find one or two like-minded friends, and talk to them about things and see what they say. You can find yourself a mentor in your profession, or someone who has/ is doing something similar to what you are looking to do. You must believe in yourself. You must be your own cheerleader, and you must have a positive and resilient attitude.

I have loved mornings for as long as I can remember but at about 5:30am this morning, I remembered the day ahead of me.  My body aches and at about 6:50am, I am still tucked in, finding it difficult to get up. I remind myself that I have a choice, damn it! I have a choice.
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