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OAP, Toke Makinwa says young women should have fun and guys are riled up

Young women should do whatever they want to do and do not need advice from men or Toke Makinwa.l
Toke Makinwa play
Toke Makinwa 
(Instagram )Nigerian on-air-personality Toke Makinwa sure knows how to make the ol' boys club pissed with her views on love, relationships and marriage.

A clip of the media personality has been trending on Twitter for the past few days now. In the clip, Toke does what Toke knows how to do best- give advice to her army of fans who are mostly women if not only women.

Toke Makinwa for Fame Extra Magazineplay
Toke Makinwa for Fame Extra Magazine

In this clip which lasts for 60 seconds, Toke Makinwa tells her ladies that they should have all the fun they want till they hit the age of 25. She wants them to live life on the edge, kiss strangers, have one night stands, pierce multiple parts and have a tattoo.

Toke Makinwa also spoke about self-improvement and building relationships but somehow these aspects didn't make it to the agenda of the ol' boys club.
In that clip posted on Twitter, a lot of guys dragged Toke Makinwa for telling young women to live life wild and free. One of the chaps from the ol' boys club called her 'Omo ale jati jati'. In English, let's sum up the insult to mean 'bastard'. 
Guys want to have fun, but they do not want girls to have fun too. That seems a little bit selfish. A lot of Nigerian guys still perceive women to be virginal creatures, holy and pure.
Toke Makinwaplay
Toke Makinwa

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, whatever you think you are doing now, the woman you are interested in has done a whole lot more. The reason she does not brag about it is because society has told her that if she does, she will be branded a whore or slut.
Guys want to have fun and girls want to have fun too. If guys really wanted 'good' women most of them would have settled down with nice women years ago. It's kind of funny that the type of women most guys chase are the ones they drag in public. That's called double standard. Ladies should have fun just as men.
Toke Makinwaplay
Toke Makinwa wears flawless makeover
Although it seems strange that Toke Makinwa hasn't really indulged in what she is encouraging young women to do. Does she have a tattoo? Google doesn't think so. In the clip, she confessed as to not having a one night stand when she was much younger.
Toke Makinwa is basically telling young women to do what she hasn't done before. That's like a tattoo artist who has no tattoo telling you to get a tattoo. I have always wondered why the beautiful OAP is seen by some as a love doctor or guardian. Clearly, if she is an expert at love and relationships, then maybe things would have turned out differently in her private life.
Toke Makinwaplay
Toke Makinwa

You can't tell people how to live their lives especially when you have not been through that journey. Social media has elevated a lot of people to experts. Life is an individual journey and no one has the master blueprint to tell you how to live yours.
Impressionable young women might take Toke's advice and their lives might take a turn for the worse.
At the end of the day, live your life according to your own rules. Do not let men or a female celeb tell you what to do. It's your life. It's your journey. Do not be dictated to
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