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I Actually Started Presenting So I Could Get Constant Airplay For My Songs - Popular Nigerian OAP

How did entertainment all start for you?

Intrestingly, it started with music about six years ago. I used to sing and had about 10 songs to my credit. Infact, there was this one titled "Back In the days", which was a cover for Chris Brown's "Don't judge me" it actually got over 3000 downloads on Naijaloaded back then. The truth is at an early age I knew all I wanted to do was entertainment as I identified I had a talent in singing, acting and talking. So my mindset was to blow through one and then venture into the others. In fact, I remember my becoming a Radio presenter was majorly cos I felt that becoming one meant I could easily play my songs on air and get other presenters from other stations to do so as well... You would not believe if I told you that by April 13 of this year, would make it four years since I started presenting on Radio and I have still never played any of my songs, not even once.

Why haven't you played any of your songs?

Sincerely, the truth is of all my talents, singing is my least loved as acting and talking comes first. Asides from that, I began to see how up and coming artistes were treated lowly and at the moment some of them got to know I know worked on the radio and to seek my assistance throughly. At that point in my life, I realised that an On Air Personality had more repute than an artiste who was just starting and so I decided even if I was going to still do music then it would be after I have made a name for myself.

Is there a possibility of you tilting towards comedy in the nearest future?

Well, it actually depends on the kind of comedy you mean, if you asking about stand up that's something I have never attempted and would not but as regards comic acting in skits/feature films and producing of comedy shows, most definitely, you would be seeing more of that.

The name Kunbi Black as quite been silent for a while now, tell us what you have been working on?

Silent? We have been working all along, from radio-tv-events. We have been doing a whole lot and also working towards activating some new projects. I would be launching my online show - #TheBlackOpinion very soon, also my N.G.O #YoungBuildersNetwork, which is in partnership with another #BreachRepairers and we are also going to be putting together a Parenting conference tagged #CriticalRescue due for May 13 and a youth conference on May 22.

Likewise, I'm planning my send off comedy show in the University of Lagos (Unilag) now that we are officially a graduate and its tagged *tongue out*. I am not willing to disclose any further details about that, so stay close to my social media pages @kunbiblack to get more info.

There are many competitors in the Industry, what do you think makes you unique?

Being Kunbi Black.

What has been the challenges in building your career in the past?

I would say that asides from money to brand, plan and execute projects as well as getting a platform to express myself, a major problem has been that I have found that the older ones in Industry do not want to leave and only a very few are willing to lend a helping hand or give you a chance.

What are the features, an entertainer must encompass in order to reach the peak of their career?

For me, I would say the grace of God, Talent, hard work, a teachable spirit and consistency.

What should we expect from  "Kunbi Black" in the coming years?


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