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Last week, I shared my opinion on "Your Story" and I remember I said my first story was not better than the worst story I had seen. I remember I titled my first story "Tears", though the original story title is " A million Tears". But, when I told one of my lecturer/ mentor (Tunde Olaoye) about it, he said ones title shouldn't reveal what one story is all about. Instead it should always create series of questions in the mind of the audience. So he suggested 'Tears' and so it was. After several months, I wrote the story again and made the project with Afrique l'timeline. One thing I have learnt is that you can always make your work better once you have been able to identify your mistakes from your first trial.

Having said that, this week's discussion will be "Your First Cast as an Independent Filmmaker". Many of us have this delusion of starting big as a film maker instead of starting small and thinking big. Making a film involves a lot and starting as an independent film-maker involves much more, you might have to multi task, doing two or more things at a time. You might have to write your script, shoot and direct it yourself. I remember when I wanted to shoot my first short film, I had to beg friends and family to act for me, so I can tell my story. One thing that independent film-makers who start the way I do, face, is having the money to pay professional actors or actresses to act for one. In my opinion, I don't think I will advice anyone to wait until they have a million in the bank before they can shoot their first story. It is important to know that for every first project one does, one will always have a lot to learn from it. Know that your first job will never be your best job, so get your friends to act if you don't have the money to pay a star actor or actress. Don't wait till you have a million in the bank before you get your first cast as an independent film-maker.
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