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Episode Two: The Bridge Between Love and Money

Just like every career, the moment you decide to become a film-maker or an act on screen, you have decided to get involved with spending for few years without returns. It will be funny to think that you can make huge amounts of money as soon as you get into film. Ofcourse , it still doesn't mean you can't, if you actually have the money before you get into it. So it is quite important to fall in love with the job and make it a priority; preferably a top one, before entering into it. And not lusting over the money involved in it.

Please don't get me wrong, money is very important; because, if you assume that you are going to be doing film for the love of it alone without thinking of how to make money from it then you should not make it a career at all. One of my lecturer back in film school, Mr Ola Ipadeola , usually sung to the ears of my colleagues and I that money is very important but it must never be the reason for getting into film.

So as a start-up film maker or an act on screen, you might have to do a lot of free projects to be relevant, gain experience and also improve on your self. So if you are a film maker and you don't have any equipment yet, get a smart phone and do something. If you claim to be an actor or actress and you have not featured on screen before, volunteer and do a free job. I remembered when I first started, I had to use phones from friends and brothers to practice. Most of the veteran cinematographers I have come in contact with usually tell me that "it is not about the gadgets you use while shooting that makes a job great but it is more about the person using those gadgets". You don't have to wait to buy a professional camera to do something, because, what you know is known to you but what you do that people see, shows what you know. So just start small and think big and things will work out for you.

Do you have a story you have always wanted to shoot? And you have been waiting for a camera before shooting, please pick up that smart phone of yours and shoot it. Write your story to suit your budget, write your story in a way that it avoids things you can't afford. If you don't have a light yet and you don't have money to rent one, write your story to suit an out door shoot. If you shoot with the mindset of it being a big project it will gradually become big. Editing softwares (cracked versions) are now cheap in the market, get one and do something with it.

Be relevant, stay relevant and do what you love for the love of it and not the money. Remember, if you do it right for the love of it, money will always come.

Written by: Adeleke  Joseph. A (Founder/ CEO Joself pictures)

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