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JOKE Of The Day!

I tire no be SMALL...

1. We have the MAT customer: He comes to the bank with mat/pillow for everyone to sleep on (delaying us for 1hr) with huge amount of money for deposits and you are like "God why did I queue behind dis man? He makes people with lesser amount start asking "God why do bad things happen to good people." They start begging him, "bros abeg na 3k I wan pay, abeg let dem attend to me.

 2. We have the Pen Borrowers: They are always in the bank, common pen dem no get. This people are very dangerous, once you borrow them the pen, you find it difficult to identify them, once someone tells you "can I have your pen" that is the last time you will see that Pen. 

3. We have the "I Dey Your Back people": Immediately they enter the bank, all they do is to know the last person and you hear them saying, "Bros i am at your back." if care is not taking 8 people can tell you "I dey your back," then at the end of the day, they cause confusion (na me dey hin back , I don't tell am, I was here before you... fight go start.

4. We have the No protocol People: These kind of people don't obey the first come , first serve rule. They are mouthed in the bank, immediately they come in, they just walk up to the cashier, he ask them to sit down and within 5 mins they have completed their transactions while you still dey dere dey look like mumu for queue. For your mind, you go dey curse them, "Awon were."

5. We have the Bank Door rejectees: These people will always have a problem with the bank door, then you see dem removing their belts, car keys, mobile phones etc and yet the manchine keeps shooting "please go back" (Bros abeg no wear anything the next time you dey come bank abeg)  the machine go allow you in. 

6. We have the slip wasters: These kind of people can waste slip, to fill the withdrawal slip or deposit slip na jamb questions, you see them canceling, tearing, squeezing and taking another one.

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