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UBA Park is Located at the first gate of the school, this park is very beautiful during the day and very dark at night. UBA Park is the toast of lovers in school. Different methodsnand forms of making out go down here every
night ranging from B.J, H.J and Bb.J from girls and M.W and F.W from guys. If you have a BF
or GF and you guyz have not been to the UBA Park then you love life needs the spark.

LAGOON FRONT- Should have been number one because of its legendary status (as my uncles that attended the University of First Choice tell me tales of things they did there).
Located behind the botanical garden, main auditorium, senate building, main library, guest
house, faculty of business administration (I mean its the Lagos lagoon we are talking
about here). Most young couples in school go to the lagoon front to make out (even during the day). Some say they want to go and read together but eventually end up doing different jobs and works of all kind*winks*. Unilag boys usually trip girls of other schools with the sight of the Lagos lagoon (as they don't have this in their schools) and maybe eventually get some

AMPHI THEATER- Tho has been deserted lately because of the recent incident that happened
there (if you don't know what happened I suggest you read this blog regularly); the Amphi Theater is still a home for couples looking to make out in school. Located close to the sport center and SUB of the school, this place is notorious for the Jobs being carried out by girls there. Usually deserted during the day and used for different fellowships in the
evening and immediately converted to a make out spot after the fellowships. If you have been looking for a church girl or boy making out then look no further this is the place.

SENATE BUILDING LOVE GARDEN -Located under the senate building close to faculty of arts, this garden is also legendary (as I am a living example of making out there). Usually dark at night, this garden is a very conducive place for couples to make out. Most couples steal one or two kisses (as people are always walking by). But couples just getting to know each other usually go to this place to talk and probably share their first kiss together.

FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE ROAD- This road is the road leading from new hall to Faculty of Social Science and to DLI. The road is usually dark and deserted at night, so lovers take
advantage of this and make out. Some lovers in their cars with the A.C on can go as far as F.P (which includes the H.J, B.J, Bb.J, M.W and F.W) and then doing the deed (Wetting the
Congo). But the ones without cars will stay on the F.P alone. This place is really cool as you
will see different couples in all forms making out (I am also a living example as I had my
first kiss with the last girl I dated there *no be me tell you o!!!*)

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