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#DHLWhereIsMyiPhone6s: DHL Nigeria In iPhone6s Mess With Cameroonian International Artiste

A Cameroonian-Nigerian performing artiste, Ashley Stephanie, who has released many hit songs and videos and has also graced many top shows in the country, and also got a nomination at the 2015 Nigeria Music Video Awards feels very disappointed and defrauded as she feels she is being scammed by the Nigeria office of DHL international. 

The Cameroonian stage goddess came back to Nigeria with her iPhone6 S+ with other apple accessories which she bought at the apple store in 235 Regent Street, W1B 2EL, United Kingdom. On getting to Nigeria, the phone stopped functioning.

Apple requested that the phone be returned for repair which the international star did through DHL at their head quarters in Isolo. She paid in full for the iPhone 6 S+  to be delivered to an address in the UK and also paid for it to be returned to her address here in Nigeria. DHL made her show a document proving that the phone was for personal use and not for sale. DHL also gave her a document to fill for proof that the phone was for personal use and not for sale which she did.

From the artiste, DHL has been keeping the international star’s phone since 18th December, 2015, trying to extort more money from her, claiming that it is the “Nigerian customs duty” on her personal iPhone6 S +. Surprisingly, the account number sent to her belongs to DHL. Please o my poeple! When have we started paying customs duties on our personal effects? DHL! Na wa o!

The artiste is calling on DHL officials to come into the matter because of anything happens to her phone or if any silly story emanates from it, she won't take it likely with the company.

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