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Make It A Habit To Have Fun Once In A While And Feel Good.

This life na only one e be o. I know this might contradict the 4th point on the list. But it is important to squeeze out time from your busy schedule to give yourself a treat. Flex a lil' bit…Bro and Sissy! How would you feel if you lived all your life denying yourself all these pleasures, and eventually go to Paradise only to realize there is no fun there at all (rather, only clapping and clapping and clapping)? C'mon, that ain't right! So Eat, Drink, Dance Away Your Sorrows, Have Fun and Feel Good.

You Only Live Once…YOLO! But while indulging in the pleasure, make sure not to drink a lot to avoid sending nudes unknowingly, drunk-texting, or swearing at your elders.

E mi ni: adan kekere toun je ekute nla

Even if you gotta drink, don't drink cheap and potentially hazardous chemicals prepared at a backyard in downtown Shomolu or Bariga. Go with the tested and trusted 'J to the A to the M to the E to the Es-Oh-En'. Oshee Baddest!
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