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Murder ‘African Time'.

Our dear lovely readers, we simply have to slaughter, kill, maim and crucify 'African Time'. We just have to do this. Ezz not fair anymore na. Imagine the pain a brother goes through to propose to a girl. Then he starves himself and becomes best friends with soaked garri, sugar and groundnut, all in a bid to save money for bride price. Then he proceeds with the introduction ceremony.

Afterwards, he pays a graphic designer to design better wedding card. And then he visits you to drop off the card and PERSONALLY invite you to his wedding. It is CLEARLY written on the card that the ceremony will commence by 10am. Then on the D-day, you gently relax in your house, exchange words with Iya Bisi in the next room, watch African Magic and when it is 4:30 p.m., you jejely wear your Iro and Buba, dust your nyansh and start attending the occasion. Just to chop free food! Haba…e no make sense na. You sef, check am! Don't you have the fear of God in you? And you will start blaming the man when he transfers his aggression onto his innocent neighbors. So please our dear lovely readers, let us do away with African Time this year, no matter the occasion because in all honesty, e no make sense at all.

God bless!
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