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Spend Less And Save More.

Very important. It would be an amazing decision to make this New Year. With the dollar and other foreign currency fluctuating like Blac Chyna's nyansh, it would be an essential commodity in our everyday living to save more and spend less. Since the president himself told us – his faithful masses – to brace ourselves for more austerity measures, it is time to cultivate the habit of spending only on your needs and rarely on your wants. 

Instead of serving your visitors with 500 Naira Hollandia Yoghurt, you should serve them homemade (cheap) pineapple-flavoured Zobo. Instead of buying 800 Naira Danish Cookies for the eating pleasure of your relatives, you should serve them homemade (semi-burnt) chin-chin. That extra 200 Naira or 300 Naira could come in handy when the full force of the austerity measures sets in.

Thank me later!
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