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How Women Encourage Gender Inequality.

Today, let's talk about ladies who keep giving mixed signals. They blow hot right about now, the next minute, they are ice cold. Such volatility is the reason we take one step forward and four steps backward on gender equality.

Over the years, the agitation for gender equality and feminism has taken on different shades of misconceptions. The consequence of these misconceptions are pebbles in the way of the true crusaders of gender equality and feminism. They often have to defend 'what is' in the face of prevailing 'what is not'.

Nonetheless, it is easier to wake a sleeping child than it is to wake a child who pretends to be asleep. Misconceptions can be corrected with proper education but how does one begin to address the case of double standards?

A lot of people, particularly the ladies only preach feminism when it's convenient. The moment the odds are not in their favour, they remember they are women after all; weaker vessels that need be pampered and protected.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the ideal concept of gender equality is new to an average African (man and woman) because of our traditions and societal interpretation of gender roles. However, the moment one sees any sense in the idea of feminism and accepts the concept, it must be total acceptance. To sift only what's convenient and disregard the seemingly inconvenience is sheer hypocrisy.

Let me be more analogical.

If you feel it's the RIGHT of your husband to take care of all the needs in the house including your hairdo and shopping list, you have no RIGHT getting angry if the same husband is not pleased that your job pays higher than his. If he wants you to quit your 250k job for a 70k teaching job, under the disguise of 'giving more attention to the home', you'd better not complain. What do you need the extra money for anyway? He pays ALL the bills and still take care of your parents. Dear lady, no one is asking you to rub it in the face of your husband that you earn more by clearing all the bills. Gender equality isn't the superiority of woman but equal status of man and woman.

So, you feel it's wrong for you to pick the bills when you go on a date with your boyfriend and also feel sidelined because he wouldn't listen to your choice of cinema. You relinquished your right to make a choice the moment you made it his right to always make the payment. You prefer to go to Silverbird Galleria because it's closer and well, classier but he would always want to drive you down to City Mall. Yes, City Mall is a very dry and boring place but that's where he can afford. You'll have to fold your stingy hands and follow him to City Mall like an obedient girlfriend and don't even try to nag, that will be very ungrateful.

Away from the relationship scene.

You always pawn off your work to your colleague because you feel you have his 'mumu button'. You play Zuma and Candy crush on your own system while he sweats off trying to finish up on the assignment you stylishly dropped on him. You adjust his tie, help roll up his sleeves and other similar antics just to get him to do your job. He will get promoted, then you'll remember he's just finishing his BSc. And not only do you have your degree, you've been with the company two years earlier than him. You probably would say you didn't get promoted because of your gender. You've forgotten how your lazy ass treated assignments and pawned off responsibilities. Take your pains quietly and not allow the management catch a whiff of it, if you still love your job.

Really, such double standards can so be annoying. You're the Manny-patty who wants to be pampered, offered a seat, and all the mushy-mushy things (I am not saying it's bad) on one side, on the other side, you're the vociferous, iron lady demanding to be respected and treated equally. You want the same guy you've told you're a Barbie doll to treat you like Storm (sorry if you don't watch cartoons). C'mon, it doesn't work that way or what do you guys think?

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