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Eva Alordiah Reveals She Does Not Intend Quitting Music

Following her recent Instagram post that hinted she was quitting music, and ready for the next chapter of her life, which received backlashes from fans and music critics, the rapper thought it good to clarify that she wasn’t quitting the noble art. This she did via a letter posted on Instagram. Eva also revealed she would be releasing her first book together with her long awaited album “1960”. The rapper currently put out a mixtape titled “Because You Been Waiting” to wet the appetite of her fans while they await her “1960” album dropping soon. The tape consists of five songs with the singer notably covering a song from DMX. “I’d keep on updating this playlist with recorded and unreleased material from me for as long as you have tokeep waiting for 1960 the album.I am so sorry,” the rapper said. “I would tell you what happened and why it has taken this long. But if I told you, even you would not believe half of the story! “I hope you enjoy these songs. Some of them are not properly engineered off the studio yet, but we recorded them over 2 years ago.I said to Tintin, Let it go. So I am letting them go.”, Eva said.
See the letter clarifying her not quitting music below:

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