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Woman Flashes Her Breasts During Live TV Broadcast and the Reporter Unaware (PHOTO)

A TV reporter making a live broadcast was completely unaware of situation where a woman flashed her assets behind him.This TV reporter had no idea what was going on behind him as he covered an election rally in California. NBC reporter Pete Suratos was covering a Hillary Clinton fundraising event in San Francisco when a woman ran up and flashed her boobs.

NBC Bay Area (KNTV) captured the footage, which shows the journalist carry on doing his job - seemingly unaware of what is going on behind him.The woman, wearing a nose ring and hoody, comes running up in front of the camera and gives viewers a wave.She then proceeds to lift her top up and flash her bare boobs straight at the camera - while the journalist keeps reporting.

She then runs off after giggling throughout the cheeky stunt.A straight faced anchor in the studio later apologised to viewers on the American network.It seemed plenty of people found the woman's bare-breasted cheek pretty funny too. Smidget Whittington simply wrote: "Not all heroes wear capes."

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